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General Information

The electrolysis device SGM5EL is based on the approved zirconia solid electrolyte technology.
It serves the convenient dosing or removal of oxygen from protective gases (N2, Ar) or reactive gas flows (e.g. inert gas N2/H2) in order to produce gases with defined oxygen concentration or gases with a requested reduction force.

The SGM5EL is a combination of a complex cell module with a control unit. Main parts of the cell module are an electrolysis cell and a potentiometric measuring cell. The potentiometric cell allows an exact measurement of the oxygen concentration adjusted by electrolysis cell. The necessary cell temperature is guaranteed by an electrical heating.

Besides its application as a test gas generator, the SGM5EL can be used for the solid electrolyte coulometry. In this case, the cell voltage of the potentiometric cell is kept constant as a set point of a control circuit. The resulting current of the electrolysis cell is proportional to the oxygen transposition with the gas flow. The current-time integral helps to quantify the substituted amount of oxygen.


For the oxygen pump performance (volume flow of transported oxygen at 25 °C and normal pressure), the following equation applies:

V(O2) / t = 0.06339 · I cm3 / A s = 0.2282 · I l / A h


  • Production of defined test gases, e.g. for sensor tests
  • Examination of oxygen permeation of polymers (e.g. foils)
  • Controlled outgassing of reactors
  • Calibration and monitoring of TA-Systems (TG, DTA, TMA, DSC)
  • Examination of the decomposition gases of thermal analysis

Technical Data Electrolysis Device SGM5EL

Range (Measuring cell)20.64*104...0.5 Vol.-ppm O2,
up to 10-24 Vol.-ppm possible
Carrier gas (for electrolysis)protective gas (N2, Ar, CO2) or inert gas
Accuracyrel. error <5%
Test gas flow5...10 l/h
Max. test gas pressure100 mbar over pressure
Max. test gas temperature80 °C at gas input
Pressure drop over cell moduleapprox. 1 kPa (100 mm WS) at 10 l/h
Dimensions (T x B x H)electronic unit: 320 x 240 x 90 mm3
cell module: 262 x 119 x 119 mm3
Weightelectronic unit: 2.5 kg
cell module: 1.5 kg
Gas connection3 mm Swagelok®, others on request
Protection degreeelectronic unit: IP 30
cell module: IP 20
Working conditions10...40 °C, max. 80 % rel. humidity
Storing conditions-20...60 °C, max. 95 % rel. humidity
Power supply110...230 V/50 ... 60 Hz
Power consumption50 VA
Keypadmembrane keypad (6 keys)
Plain text displayLCD dot-matrix


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