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Probe Electronics E713

General Information

The electronic unit E713 is the basic device for the use of ZIROX® oxygen probes.
The signals of ZIROX® probes are recorded with the E713, processed to the oxygen concentration according to the NERNST equation and provided by standard interface (4-20 mA). The E713 realizes the power supply and the heating control for heated ZIROX® probes.


  • Signal processing and measuring value display for ZIROX® probes
  • Measuring value output via standard interface
  • Power supply and heating control for heated ZIROX® probes

Technical Data Probe Electronics E713

Signal inputcell und thermal voltage ZIROX® probes
Range0...20.64 Vol.-% O2 (up to 100 Vol.-% on request)
Accuracyrel. error < 5 %
Reference gas supplynone, must be supplied by user
Plain text displayLCD dot-matrix, 2 x 16 characters
Keypad2 foil keys
Output4...20 mA (corresponds to 0...20 Vol.-% O2)
Power supply24 V DC +/- 10 %, 5 A
Dimensions96 x 96 x 150 mm3
Weightapprox. 0.3 kg
Protection degreeIP22
Working temperature0...+40 °C, 0...95 % rel. humidity
Storage temperature-20...+50 °C, 0...95 % rel. humidity


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