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Oxygen Analyzer SGM7

General Information

For optimum quality and process protection, the avoidance of oxygen, also as traces, is necessary in many technological applications. Due to the increasing adoption of a quality management system (e.g. ISO 9000), a constant monitoring and documentation of quality parameters becomes more important.

The compact oxygen analyzer SGM7 is based on the approved, drift-, calibration- and maintenance-free ZIROX® zirconia technique. It contains the measuring cell as well as the electronic unit for cell heating control, flow monitoring, integrated pump and signal processing.
Via microprocessor, the measuring cell signal is processed according to the NERNST equation. The requested value is displayed as an analog current signal.
(Option: digital interface RS232 with software).

In the SGM7, the measuring cell is monitored continuously. In case of an error, an alarm signal is generated.


  • Protective gas monitoring in the food industry
  • Measurements in CO2-applications of breweries
  • Protective gas monitoring in the soldering and welding technology (SGM7.2.4)
  • Production processes in the microelectronics

Technical Data Oxygen Analyzer SGM7

Range2.0 · 105...1 Vol.-ppm, (20.6...1x10-4 Vol-%),
up to 10-20 Vol.-ppm possible (reducing conditions), range up to 100 Vol.-% on request
Accuracyrel. error < 5%
Gas flow5 ... 10 l/h
Max. measuring gas pressure20 mbar overpressure
Max. measuring gas temperature80 °C at gas input
Pressure drop over measuring cellapprox. 1 kPa (100 mm WS) at 10 l/h
Dimensions (W x H x D)135 mm x 100 mm x 240 mm
Protection degreeIP 40
Gas inputSwagelok® 3 mm
Gas outputtube nipple 3 mm
Working conditions10...45 °C, rel. humidity < 80% at 20 °C
Storage conditions-20...60 °C, rel. humidity < 95% at 20 °C
Power supply
Power consumption
Heating measuring cell

100 - 240 V AC, 47 - 63 Hz
20 VA
24 V DC, ca. 10 W (internally controlled)
Keypad and display
Plain text display

3 keys
LCD dot-matrix
Analog output
Current output

Option: Voltage output

0/4...20 mA, galvanically isolated, freely scalable, working resistance max. 500 Ω
0/2...10 V, galvanically isolated, freely scalable


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