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Special Measuring Systems

Selected Devices

Lambda Measuring System
This device serves the measurement of the air factor λ in gas combustion equipments.
For correct application a detailed consulting by manufacturer is necessary.
Please contact us by e-mail.

Oxygen Hydrogen Measuring Device. Main parts are a zirconia oxygen sensor and a TCD for
the hydrogen detection. Additionally, further thermodynamic values (or data) can be calculated on the basis of the oxygen/hydrogen measurement. We provide more information on request. Please contact us by e-mail.

This device serves the determination of the Non-Equilibrium-Oxygen (NGW-Sauerstoff in German) in reducing atmosphere. It is mainly used in applications where the equilibrium oxygen cannot be used as target value. As for the devices before, a detailed consulting is necessary for correct application. Please contact us per e-mail.

Inexpensive oxygen measuring device based on aqueous electrolyte systems. It is mainly used for the oxygen detection in the percent range. For further information contact us by e-mail please.


Note: You are not sure which device is required for your application?
Please complete our questionnaire and send it to infoziroxde.