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H2-Measuring Device TCS

General Information

The hydrogen sensor TCS (thermal conductivity sensor) is a compact measuring device, which is directly mounted on the measuring chamber by vacuum components.

The sensor is pre-thermostatted by its own electronics, whereby a very high stable sensor signal is ensured.

Originally developed for nitriding equipment of contract heat treatment workshops, the sensor is applicable for special measuring problems (e.g. low pressure application) due to a sophisticated calibration method.


In many technological processes, hydrogen plays a big role in achieving the desired product properties. By means of TCS, the hydrogen concentration can be monitored and/or provided to the process control via standard interfaces.

Due to the increasing adoption of quality management systems (e.g. ISO 9000), a constant monitoring and documentation of quality parameters becomes more important.

With the TCS, the user can monitor hydrogenous atmospheres efficiently and continuously.

Technical Data H2-Measuring Device TCS

Range0...100 Vol.-%
Accuracyrel. error < 5 %
Response timet90 (sensor) approx. 180 s (depends on gas distribution at measuring chamber)
Sensor temperature50 °C (pre-thermostatted, electronically controlled)
Dimensions (WxHxD)80 mm x 125 mm x 83 mm
Signal outputanalog output 0/4-20 mA (scaling by software) and serial interface RS232 (0-5/10 V on request)
Power supply24 V DC +/- 20 %, approx. 20 W
Displaynone, operation via software
Protection degreeIP 65
Ambient temperature10...50 °C, rel. humidity 0...95 % at 20 °C
Storage temperature-20...60 °C, rel. humidity 0...95 % at 20 °C
Gas connectionvia DIN40KF (others on request)
Gas supplyvia diffusion (Gas distribution at measuring chamber)
Ambient pressure950...1100 hPa (Low pressure applications need special calibration) Note: Measuring value depends on pressure
Warm-up10 min.
Calibrationfirst calibration (characteristic line determination) by manufacturer, a 2-point-calibration approx. every 3 month (process pressure must be known and provided to manufacturer) by user
Mountingno requirements
Cross-sensitivityGases with high thermal conductivity falsify the measuring result


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