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Probe Electronics E2010

General Information

The electronic unit E2010 is the basic device for the use of ZIROX oxygen probes.
The signals of ZIROX probes are recorded with the E2010, processed to the oxygen concentration according to the NERNST equation and provided by standard interface (4-20 mA). The E2010 realizes the power supply and the heating control for heated ZIROX probes.


  • Signal processing and measuring value display for ZIROX probes
  • Measuring value output via standard interface
  • Power supply and heating control for heated ZIROX probes

Technical Data Probe Electronics E2000

Signal inputcell und thermal voltage ZIROX probes
Range0...20.64 Vol.-% O2 (up to 100 Vol.-% on request)
Accuracyrel. error < 5 %
Reference gas supplynone, must be supplied by user
Plain text displayLCD dot-matix, 2 x 16 characters
Keypad2  membrane keys
Output4...20 mA (corresponds to 0...20 Vol.-% O2)
Power supply24 V DC +/- 10 %, 5 A
Dimensions96 x 96 x 125 mm3
Weightapprox. 650 g
Protection degreeIP30 (Front IP52)
Working temperature0...+40 °C, 0...95 % rel. humidity
Storage temperature-20...+50 °C, 0...95 % rel. humidity


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