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Active Thermal Probe

General Information

Optimizing of plasma-enhanced surface modifaction processes by means of continuous measurements of the energy output

In plasma-enhanced processes, the occurrence and nature of surface reactions as well as reaction rates are significantly determined by the kinetic energy of the incoming particles. Together with other contributions such as radiation and reaction enthalpy, it is part of the total energy influx which is crucial for the resulting surface properties of the plasma-treated substrate.

ZIROX, NEOPLAS and the Leibniz-Institute for Plasma Science and Technology developed a novel probe for an in-situ measurement of the real energy influx at the surface during a surface treatment. Hereby, the magnitude as well as the direction of energy flux can be characterized and correlated to the material's properties.

Because of its high sensitivity to changes of process parameters and its comparatively low cost, the Active Thermal Probe is highly suited for an efficient quality control and online-monitoring of plasma processes in industry or research.

The Active Thermal Probe is suited for vacuum applications and for temperatures up to 450° C, for energy fluxes up to 2+/- 0.001 W/cm2 . The variable total probe length allows any customized version.


Note: Are you sure that the active thermal probe is suitable for your application? If not, please contact Neoplas GmbH.